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Feng Shui personality analysis

Personal Feng shui is an important part in making a Feng Shui project. Your date of birth is a really significant number, because we can't change it and it tells us everything we need.

The day we were born, we got our energy, our vibration which will go side-by-side with us the entire life.

Every number has a hidden meaning in itself which belongs to meaning of our life. Many people mark they date of birth as their lucky number. If you believe in it too, that's great, because everything what you believe in, it can strongly affect your life.

-Four pillars of Destiny - the pillar of hour, day, month and the year of birth
-Personal Feng Shui numbers- GUA number, character number, energic number
-Personal directions
-Compatibility with another person

Numerologia YinYang

We also offer:

Numerology will help you discover your real personality, understand why are some people more and others less likeable, it will help you in choosing the right partner, in decisions at work. According to numerology, we live in a nine-year cycles and every year we affect one vibrational numbers. Everytime from your date of birth until the next birthday. And just by the vibrations we have assumptions to different life situations. In partner analysis Numerology helps to understand how different we are and to learn together how to build, live relationship happier and deeper. Because if we know how to communicate with the other person, which is important to him, how it manifests itself, which period he/she lives than it brings better understanding into your partner life.

-Life cycles and a annual personal vibration
-Personal numbers - fatal number and psychical number
-Character numbers from name
-Compatibility with another person


-Chinese zodiac
-Western zodiac
-Combined zodiac
-Compatibility with another person

Atrologicky kruh1

To analyze personality we need: name and exact date of birth, for the partner analysis we need same data of the partner.
Complete analysis have a range of about 8-10 pages A4

Personal analysis may be part of a complete Feng Shui project or developed independently.

Price list:
Personal Analysis (feng shui, numerology, astrology): € 20
Partner Analysis (Partner match): € 25


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