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Feng Shui interior harmonization

Do you want your home to become a space that charges every family member with a positive energy? Do you want to feel pleasant and comfortable and leave it rested? We'll help you - and together we'll achieve a harmony.

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We evaluate and tune the space with your family, with every single member. You and the space should create one unit. And to make people that live in it feel good, the space energy needs to be edited made-to-measure according to those specific people. Some people need the space to be acting chilled and some need it to be activating. That means that every single house/flat must be sorted it's own way. We'll inspect your space and suggest you a complete proffesional grafic sketch of it tuned according to Feng-Shui. We'll present you an exact furniture setup, flat accesorries and appliances, suitable colors of every wall.
We'll recommend you where is the right place to sleep and where is the right place to work for every family member.
We'll suggest you an exact setup of every arrangement in a room including decorations which will help getting that positive flow of energy in your room and make your life a bit more better.


Many of us spend a large part of life at work. Principles that allow Feng Shui to create a healthy living space, have the same meaning for the working environment. Change the architecture of the buildings in which we work, we can not. But if we will conscious of the problems we can meet with, we can make countermeasures and we can create a stimulating and welcoming environment. Energy flowing from several directions suit our work more than others. Therefore, we are able to suggest work space to promote positive energy. If we achieve a balanced and harmonious environment that will strengthen us, in the final analysis it will also benefit the company too.

Kancelaria FengShui zena

Retail, restaurants, trading companies and businessmen can much to gain through Feng Shui. We will check the correct location of the entrance, show you how "to attract" customers and clients the door, we remind, what at the entrance and its surroundings should not be. We will propose suitable arrangement of the office, in large companies the strategic layout of individual ofiices, whose direction is appropriate for the director, communications and economic department, where they would be meeting rooms and executive employees where to sit ... Feng Shui can help you sell more and increase profits, efficiency and employee loyalty.

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