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Feng Shui interior harmonization

Do you want your home to become a space that charges every family member with a positive energy? Do you want to feel pleasant and comfortable and leave it rested? We'll help you - and together we'll achieve a harmony.


Feng Shui personality analysis

Personal Feng shui is an important part in making a Feng Shui project. Your date of birth is a really significant number, because we can't change it and it tells us everything we need.


Photos made-to-measure

Production of unique paintings, photographs based on Feng Shui advice and wishes of the customer.

I cooperate with a photographer, who graduated the High National Diploma in Photography at Stevenson College in Edinburgh , which is the best school of art and photography in Scotland.

He works with different kinds of photos: old and modern, nature and people , colorful or black and white...


Feng Shui timing of events

Do you begin build a house?
Are you doing the reconstruction?
Are you moving to new premises?
Do you install a new equipment?
Do you know when is the right time to begin these activities?



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