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How to achieve harmony

Tok energie izba


What does it mean to achieve balance in life? To simply be happy and satisfied! To be happy with yourself and live in a harmony with your surroundings.

And how to achieve this? Why Feng Shui?

According to Feng Shui a human is in harmony, right as he achieves filling of all 9 areas of life (8 ways of compass + the center) or when he is honestly happy with them.

I don't know anyone, who likes everything around him, who doesn't need to change anything, who is satisfied with all areas of his life.
You are getting good results in work or in your privacy, but your health isn't that good? You need to strenghten the are of health.
You are healthy and strong, but you just can't find the right partner for you? The problem might be in the area of relationships.
Your teenager is bad at school, he/she is restless? Here we need to take a look at the area of education. Maybe your child can't sleep at night, even though you tried all "known methods" nothing seems to work? In this case could the right alignment of energy help too.

I'm sure, that all of you already had the feeling when you came somewhere and you instantly felt pleasant. Or other way round, you felt sadness, you wanted to leave as soon as possible. Those are the right or the wrong flows of energy, which involve these feelings. The longer you are in an area (work or home) the more pronounced you feel the energy. Some people think, that when they put a talisman in the center of their room or put a statue onto a shelf, they practise Feng Shui. Well, yeah, these are the small things that matter too, but it's not all. You are not done. Things you see more often and everyday matter the most. And those are colors of walls, nicely set working zone and a pretty place for rest.

So, do we need Feng Shui for our home, to be in harmony? My answer is: Yes!
Feng Shui is an old chinese art. It's known that the old Chinese had a great sense for natural elements and forces that had influence in their lifes. There's no reason why you should not use this chinese education, which has been collected for hundreads of years by intelligent chinese apprentices. They researched how nature works and it's legislations and were able to apply these experiences onto their lifes. Today's lifestyle is different, but nature works the same. The sun comes out on east and engages on west.

Feng Shui follows some rules, but it's not, or it shouldn't be a limited scheme, which we will follow and edit our home with. It's something like a tutorial that tells you what changes to make, feel the changes and at the end decide what do you want to change and what to keep as it is, to feel better.
If you change the energy of your home, your home will change YOU and bring a new future and routing to your life.

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