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Each of us has a personality, have their own way of life, own dreams and goals. Our life situations change all the time. As energy can flow in us, so we know reflect it to the space, it reflect the interior which we live in, and the space affect us back.

Feng Shui is based on the knowledge that everything around us is permeated with ever-changing energy.

The basic task of Feng Shui is to identify interactions among these energies and to achieve a balance - harmony, suitable for the space and the one who inhabit it. 

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Feng Shui is not a kind of mysticism. It is a science that works directly with the energy of area and results will follow, no matter you believe in it or not. Similarly, in acupuncture, where the doctor works with invisible energy channels in the body, Feng Shui consultant works with the energy channels in the space. The results you will know such that "events start to happen".This may be impalpable e.g. you will feel happier, but changes may occur even in palpable levels, such as, unexpected job offer, improvement of partnerships and so on. Feng Shui affects everyone and does not take account if a person is conscious of it or not. Our lives would be limited if we relied only on what we can seize by our five senses. Without accepting that the strong energies and truth exist although they are not physically visible. Such as "looks" love?

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Main Services

Feng Shui personality analysis

Personal Feng shui is an important part in making a Feng Shui project. Your date...

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Feng Shui interior harmonization

Do you want your home to become a space that charges every family member with a ...

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Complementary Services

Wooden and fragrant decorations

Production and decoration of smaller furniture and small interior accessories ma...

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Photos made-to-measure

Production of unique paintings, photographs based on Feng Shui advice and wishes...

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Wooden decorations

Fragrant decorations

Photos made to measure

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