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I would like to introduce myself. Who I am, what am I doing and how got I on this current way of life. I graduated Faculty of Farmacy. As you know, the symbol of pharmacy are scales.

From there probably comes my sense of balance, harmony in life too. And therefore it spontaneously attracted me the learning of Feng Shui, which is also about achieving harmony - by living in accordance with the energy around us and with harmony with nature.

Harmony is expressed in Feng Shui by symbol of Yin and Yang. Although part of the symbols are considered as opposites, they express that nothing is completely black or white - bad and good change according to how we can achieve a balance in the environment.

At the beginning I've been studying Feng Shui at my free time, later I passed difficult course for Feng Shui professionals, and for several years I've evolved in practice. I have applied my knowledge at my home, to my family, friends, who finally persuaded me that I should do this activity as full time job... and I did, because it is something that I really feel, brings me happiness and satisfaction.

And I want to bring you this joy in life too...

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